Bible Study Two is all about Jesus, period

We exist to make the gospel known, of course we have a little fun along the way! BibleStudyTwo is a group of guys that get together to learn about who God is, what he has done and what he wants for us. We also occasionally have backyard fires, eating contests, visits from Captain America or the opportunity to shoot hoops with a  goat.

You just never know




BibleStudyTwo started as a once-a-fortnight meeting but has grown to fill almost every night of the week. Thursday nights are our main event Bible study. We average 85-100 middle and high school age guys along with some older alumni who help out. We eat dinner around 7 and then split up into small groups. Each group is student led by a member of our leadership team. Our leadership team guys are chosen because they have shown maturity and commitment to their faith. They meet every Monday night to prepare for the studies that take place on Thursdays. These guys work hard and are a key part of what makes BibleStudyTwo a success.




Our leader is an incredible guy named Bob. You can read about him in the “Folks you should know” article from The Kingsport Times News.


Hi, I’m Bob. We started Bible Study in 2005 with a small group of new believers. These guys were involved in the youth ministry at Calvary Baptist Church, where I teach, but hadn’t grown up in church and needed a little extra guidance on how the Christian life works. We started meeting and talking through the basics of being a follower of Jesus and how that impacts our daily lives. Before long these guys wanted to invite their friends and we began to grow. I had absolutely no realization at the time of what was getting started! Bible Study has grown by the grace of God, who has used hundreds of guys through the years to invite and involve their friends.
A little of my story…
I grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until college that I came to realize I had never committed my life to God personally. That happened one summer while watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV. That was the beginning of my Christian life. In 1969 I was drafted out of graduate school and served two years in the Army. A military experience was not part of my plan for life, but God used it to really begin my growth as a Christian. When I returned to grad school I got involved in several campus ministries and much more involved in church. After I finished school in 1973 I found my way to Kingsport to work in the Eastman Research Labs. After 36 years at Eastman I retired in 2009 as Director of Technology for the Specialty Plastics business. Now that I’m retired I think I’m busier than ever!




Parents, thanks for stopping by!

It’s good to know that parents are looking out for their kids.


Once a year, during summer, we have a BibleStudyTwo parents night. All parents are invited to come hang out, meet Bob and have a meal with the guys. We hope to see you there. To find out when the next parents night will be email Bob.

Got questions? Just ask!

Email Bob